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Service to send goods to Hongkong

Century Logistics is a unit specializing in express delivery, import and export to Hong Kong with high reputation, goods are guaranteed and exported / imported on time required by customers.

– Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, located on the southeast coast of China. With an area of ​​more than 1000 km2 but GDP up to 302 billion Usd, per capita more than 55,000 usd / year. As a country that Vietnamese people have been so familiar with through the captivating films for so many generations. It is home to Disneyland park that every tourist wants to visit, there is a famous star lot and beautiful Victoria port as a picture with a cool climate, ….

– Hong Kong economy is a capitalist economy, the center of finance, trade, services, tourism, maritime and aviation of the world. It is home to many headquarters of the world’s leading corporations, a place to transport goods of the world both by sea and by air.

– Hong Kong mainly imports raw materials and goods, which is the gateway that a large amount of goods is imported into China. The Hong Kong currency is the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

– Currently, the volume of import and export goods of Vietnam to / from Hong Kong is large and increasing. Seizing the opportunity, we are currently exploiting the export / import / return routes to Hong Kong with a professional Hong Kong agent and enthusiastic and experienced staff in exporting goods to Hong Kong. the amount of cargo we are exploiting for this service: the export / month is about 500 cbm for retail cargo (by Lcl), more than 16 tons for air (by air), more than 20 full containers (by fcl) and imported goods. / month more than 90 shipments of all kinds.

We are pleased to send to you export / import costs to / from Hong Kong as follows:

1) Export goods to Hong Kong:

– Retail cargo (Lcl): sea freight 0 usd / 1 cbm (cbm = 1m long x 1m wide x 1m high: of parcel)

– Air goods: 1.5 usd / kg

– Original cont (Fcl): 30 usd / 50 usd for 20/40 cont (cont 20 can hold 25 tons of cargo, 30 cbm and 40 cont contain 28 tons and 60 cbm)

2) Goods imported from Hong Kong:

– Retail cargo (Lcl): sea freight: 0 usd / 1 cbm

– Air goods: 1.5 usd / kg

– Raw container cont (Fcl): 70 ud / 90 usd for cont 20/40 40 (cont 20 holds 25 tons of cargo, 30 cbm and 40 containers contain 28 tons and 60 cbm)

Coming to Century Logistics, you will be very satisfied with the freight rates of express delivery, import and export to Hong Kong but at the same time can be completely assured during the transport process. We believe that we will not disappoint our customers about our express delivery, import and export services to Hong Kong.

In addition, Century Logistics Company also undertakes import / export, customs declaration from Vietnam to / from all ports in the world and vice versa.